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[PDF] South China In The Sixteenth Century (1550-1575): Being The Narratives Of Galeote Pereira, Fr. ayshpal




c. 1150–1550. The Majorese church is probably St. Paul's in the northeast corner of the cathedral. The Upper church (rear) contains the shrine of San Roque. The lower church contains a little of the twelfth century. 1100–1450. The cathedral and bishop's palace, the treasury, and the convent of Santa Clara, all of which face the cathedral. 1390–1525. The end of the original cathedral and the installation of the present Baroque structure. c. 1420–1520. The late Gothic portal and some other upper parts of the cathedral. c. 1520–1540. The late Gothic choir and transept. 1550–1575. The Renaissance choir and the present Baroque façade. 1550–1575. The Renaissance cloister of San Salvador, and the great church of San Andrés. 1550–1575. The Baroque portal and some other minor works. The expansion of the cathedral as a residence of the bishop of Palma extended along the southern wall from the south entrance to the chapel of the Blessed Sacrament. The cathedral is said to be the first cathedral built in the Philippines. It was probably the first building in the islands ever to use bricks. That it was built of brick is evident from the inscription over its entrance, "Cathedral of this island, built in 1388, by master Bernardo Peralta, bricklayer. 1519." (See the rest of this description.) The cathedral was probably the first to have a northern bell tower, which is only a few feet higher than the older one. All the bells were cast in the royal foundry of S. Eulalia at the end of the fifteenth century. The cathedral has a true Gothic feeling throughout. Its early Gothic and transition style (early fourteenth century) shows in the numerous detail parts, such as the capitals of the pillars, the pointed arches, and the lintel of the two doorways. These are very like those in Seville Cathedral, but are much smaller. The transition period shows also in the Gothic doorways and the transept. The high Gothic has disappeared in the rest of the cathedral. The cathedral was completed about 1420. Its original plan was to have been the biggest cathedral in the world, the "towers of the Virgin"




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[PDF] South China In The Sixteenth Century (1550-1575): Being The Narratives Of Galeote Pereira, Fr. ayshpal

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