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Dance Your Stress Away (EXPRESS):

40 spots available


30 minutes

Dance Your Stress Away (EXPRESS):

Release stress by dancing in a dynamic and fun session!

Perhaps you know you need to move but you are just too busy or too stressed to fit something extra into your schedule. The good news is that all movement provides immediate benefits, even short bursts of movement of 10-20 minutes have the ability to balance body, mind, and mood, and still have a positive effect on cardiovascular fitness, balancing blood sugar levels, and improving life expectancy.

Natural feel-good endorphins and dopamine will help dissolve the symptoms of stress and anxiety. A sense of balance and well-being will accompany you long after the dancing has stopped to promote calm, clear attention, and focus in everything you do.

Materials needed:

Comfortable clothing for movement

Being either barefoot or wearing a light shoe for the session

A clear space of approximately 2 square meters

An upright chair

Some water to drink.

Clare Guss West

Dancer & Holistic Health Practitioner

💃Release your stress dancing in a dynamic and fun session!

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