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Color Remedy

10 spots available


60 minutes

Color Remedy

Paint your stress away and let your mind flow!

Join Farnaz in an adventure that will help you release your stress and reconnect with the subconscious part of you through painting!

Farnaz will guide you on a passionate and empathetic journey with activities designed to help you take control of your life and emotions. You will be surprised at how the arts can help you.

You don’t need special skills or talent. You don't need to be an expert writer or painter. You just need to be yourself.

Materials needed:


Color pencil

Magazine with pictures




Optional: gouache paint or Acrylic paint, brush, cardboard, pallet, paper towel, a glass ofwater, thick paper.

Farnaz Hosseini

Art Therapist

🎨✍️ Paint your stress away and let your mind flow! 

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